Whitetail Hunting

A Whitetail finds shade on Dub Wallace Ranch

Dub Wallace Ranch offers trophy-quality rifle-only Whitetail hunting at our Sutton County location. We high-fence the land and supplement feed with corn and high protein year-round to ensure a healthy deer population and the production of the big bucks hunters seek. The ranch also features ground blinds overlooking numerous corn and protein feeders.

Hunters lease by the season and are allowed 1 trophy buck (mature bucks with a minimum of 8 points), 2 doe, and 1 management buck (as defined by ranch management) per year. Additionally, while traveling directly to the blinds or cabin or while at the blinds, hunters may kill any coyote, bobcats, or hogs they might encounter.

Sleeping for up to ten is available

Our family-friendly ranch offers two on-site accommodation options. The first is a fully-furnished house that comfortably sleeps up to ten people in two bedrooms. The house offers modern conveniences such as two bathrooms, satellite TV, and a fully-furnished kitchen inside, and a fire pit/grill outside. Those staying at the house are asked to bring their own linens and food supplies. For those with their own accommodations, we also offer an RV campsite with access to water, electricity, and a fire pit. Each accommodation site has easy access to two caliche pit ranges that feature bench rests and target boards for sighting in your rifle before heading out to the blinds.