About Us


The fifth-generation holding a barbado lamb on Dub Wallace Ranch

Dub Wallace Rance is a fourth-generation working ranch in Sutton and Edwards Counties (Sonora and Rocksprings, Texas). We specialize in domestic and exotic animal management and guided exotic hunts. The ranch is maintained by the ranch manager and a hard-working staff, all of whom learned the business of running a ranch through first-hand experience. The managers of Dub Wallace Ranch are committed to maintaining the family values indicative of a multi-generational business while simultaneously looking toward the future, always seeking to improve upon what we do.

With several thousand acres in two locations, our animals have plenty of space to live and grow. We breed, raise, and sell animals that are hearty, productive, and well suited to the land. On the edge of the Texas Hill Country that means domestics like sheep, goats, and cattle, but also includes exotics like zebra, scimitar oryx, addax, and axis! The land is managed to guarantee a healthy living environment for the livestock – brush and cactus are cleared regularly to enable natural feeding and corn and high protein feeders are used year-round to supplement, ensuring trophy animals.

We have a fully-furnished house for up to ten people with all the comforts of home including A/C and heating, all new appliances, a fire pit/grill, and satellite TV. For a more “rustic” experience, we also have an RV campsite with water, electricity, and a fire pit.